Laggita to lajjati

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laggita : [pp. of laggati] stuck; attached; adhered to; hung from. (pp. of laggeti), hung on; stuck to.

laggeti : [lug + e] hangs on; sticks to.

laggetvā : [abs. of laggeti] having hung on; having stuck to.

laggesi : [aor. of laggeti] hung on; stuck to.

laṅgī : [f.] a bolt; a bar.

laṅgula : [nt.] tail.

laṅghaka : [m.] jumper; an acrobat.

laṅghati : [lagh + ṃ-a] jumps over; hops.

laṅghana : [nt.] jumping; hopping.

laṅghi : [aor. of laṅghati] jumped over; hopped. || laṅghī (m.) a jumper; a threshold.

laṅghita : [pp. of laṅgheti] jumped over; discharged; transgressed.

laṅghitvā : [abs. of laṅghati] having jumped over; having hopped.

laṅgheti : [lagh + e] jumps over; discharges; transgresses.

laṅghetvā : [abs. of laṅgheti] having jumped over; having discharged; having transgressed.

laṅghesi : [aor. of laṅgheti] jumped over; discharged; transgressed.

lacchati : [fut. of labhati] will get; will obtain; will attain. || lacchati = labhissati.

lajjati : [lajj + a] is ashamed or abashed.