Layati to likhi

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lāyati : [lā +ya] reaps; mows.

lāyi : [aor. of lāyati] reaped; mowed.

lāyita : [pp. of lāyati] reaped; mowed.

lāyitvā : [abs. of lāyati] having reaped; having mowed.

lālapati : [lap + a] talks much; laments.

lālapi : [aor. of lālapati] talked much; lamented.

lālapita : [pp. of lālapati] talked much; lamented.

lāleti : [lal + e] lulls; quells; soothes.

lāletvā : [abs. of lāleti] having lulled; having quelled; having soothed.

lālesi : [aor. of lāleti] lulled; quelled; soothed.

lāsa : [m.] dancing; sport.

lāsana : [nt.] dancing; sport.

likuca : [m.] bread-fruit tree.

likkhā : [f.] an egg of a louse; a measure named after it.

likhati : [likh + a] writes; inscribes; carves; scratches.

likhana : [nt.] writing; cutting into pieces.

likhanta : [pr.p. of likhati] writing; inscribing; carving; scratching.

likhāpeti : [caus. of likhati] causes to make one write.

likhāpetvā : [abs. of likhāpeti] having caused to make one write.

likhāpesi : [aor. of likhāpeti] caused to make one write.

likhi : [aor. of likhati] wrote; inscribed; carved; scratched.