Lepa to lokapala

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lepa : [m.] coating; plastering a plaster.

lepana : [nt.] a smearing; coating.

lepita : [pp. of lepeti] plastered; coated with; smeared.

lepeti : [lip + e] plasters; coats with; smears.

lepetvā : [abs. of lepeti] having plastered; having coated with; having smeared.

lepenta : [pr.p. of lepeti] plastering; coating with; smearing.

lepesi : [aor. of lepeti] plastered; coated with; smeared.

leyya : [adj.] fit to be licked or sipped. (nt.), mucilaginous food.

lesa : [m.] a trifle; a pretext; trick.

loka : [m.] the world; the population.

lokagga : [m.] the chief of the world.

lokadhātu : [f.] the world system.

lokanātha : [m.] the lord of the world.

lokanāyaka : [m.] the lord of the world.

lokanirodha : [m.] destruction of the existence.

lokanta : [m.] the end of the world.

lokantagū : [m.] one who has reached the end of the things worldly.

lokantara : [nt.] a different world; the space between the worlds.

lokantarika : [adj.] situated between the worlds.

lokapāla : [m.] a guardian of the world.