Saskatchewan Kammatthana

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Saskatchewan Kammatthana:

  • Address: 618 Quance Avenue Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7H3B4 Canada
  • Tradition: Theravada, Thai Forest Tradition (Kammatthana), Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo
  • Affiliation: Metta Forest Monastery
  • Phone: 306 477 5041
  • Website:
  • Main Contact: Drs Nate and XQ Osgood EMail (Phone: 306 477 5041)
  • Teacher: Thanissaro Bhikkhu
  • Notes and Events:

Occasional visits by Thanissaro Bhikkhu and other members of the Wat Metta Sangha. Regular Dhamma book study group meetings. Lending library and Dhamma books in the Kammatthana Tradition for free pickup.