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Regency Towers, Las Vegas, Nevada, the location of Vulture Peak Dhamma Center when it was operating

Vulture Peak Dhamma Center was a Dhamma center under Vipassana Foundation, which was founded by David N. Snyder, Ph.D. and Woinishet Snyder. In October 2011 the Dhamma center moved its operations to a new facility, Maha Bodhi Las Vegas.

Vipassana Foundation

Main article: Vipassana Foundation

Vipassana Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted solely to the dissemination of the Buddha’s Dhamma and charitable activities that help in the spread of Buddha-Dhamma around the globe and the alleviation of suffering everywhere.

Dhamma programs

Vulture Peak Dhamma Center held Dhamma events at the Regency Towers (a condominium building with one unit that was once owned by Dr. David N. Snyder and Woinishet Snyder), in one of the penthouse units located on the 28th floor, at 326 feet (100 meters) above the ground, 2354 ft. above sea level (718 meters), the same elevation as Vulture Peak. At 326 feet, it was the highest known Dhamma center above the ground in an urban area, see: List of Buddhist Records and Trivia.

The Vulture Peak name was chosen since it is at the same elevation as the Vulture Peak in India and both the original and this one in Las Vegas have views of the city below and stairs that can be taken to the top.

At Vulture Peak, India there are stairs going up to the top, taking the same steps that the Buddha would take to meditate and teach the Dhamma. At Vulture Peak Dhamma Center there are stairs going to the top at each end of the building, as well as the elevators that can also be taken.