Yodha to yobbanamada

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yodha : [m.] a soldier.

yodhājīva : [(yodha + ājīva), m.] a warrior.

yodhita : [pp. of yodheti] fought; made war.

yodheti : [yudh + e] fights; makes war.

yodhetvā : [abs. of yodheti] having fought; having made war.

yodhesi : [aor. of yodheti] fought; made war.

yoni : [f.] origin; realm of existence; the female organ; knowledge; species.

yoniso : [adv.] wisely; properly; judiciously.

yonisomanasikāra : [m.] proper consideration.

yobbañña : [nt.] youth.

yobbana : [nt.] youth.

yobbanamada : [m.] the pride of youth.