Abhibhuta to abhiyata

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abhibhūta : [pp. of abhibhavati] overpowered; vanquished.

abhimaṅgala : [adj.] lucky; auspicious.

abhimata : [pp. of abhimaññati] intended; wished for.

abhimaddati : [abhi + madd + a] crushes; subdues.

abhimaddana : [nt.] crushing; subjugation.

abhimaddi : [aor. of abhimaddati] crushed; subdued.

abhimaddita : [pp. of abhimaddati] crushed; subdued.

abhimanthati : [abhi + manth + a] crushes; churns; agitates.

abhimanthi : [aor. of abhimanthati] crushed; churned; agitated.

abhimanthita : [pp. of abhimanthati] crushed; churned; agitated.

abhimantheti : [abhi + manth + e] crushes; churns; agitates.

abhimanthesi : [aor. of abhimantheti] curshed; shurned; agitated.

abhimāna : [m.] self-respect.

abhimukha : [adj.] facing; present; face to face with. (m.), the front.

abhimukhaṃ : [adv.] towards.

abhiyācati : [abhi + yāc + a] begs; entreats.

abhiyācana : [nt.] request; entreaty. || abhiyācanā (f.), request; entreaty.

abhiyāci : [aor. of abhiyācati] begged; entreated.

abhiyācita : [pp. of abhiyācati] being requested.

abhiyāta : [pp. of abhiyāyi] gone against.