Abhitthuta to abhinandi

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abhitthuta : [pp. of abhitthavati] praised.

abhitthunati : [abhi + thu + nā] praises.

abhitthuni : [aor. of abhitthunati] praised.

abhidosa : [m.] last evening.

abhidosika : [adj.] belonging to the last evening. || ābhidosika (adj.), belonging to the last evening.

abhidhamati : [abhi + dham + a] blows on.

abhidhami : [aor. of abhidhamati] blew on.

abhidhamma : [m.] the analytic doctrine of the Buddhist Canon.

abhidhammika : [adj.] one who teaches abhidhamma. || ābhidhammika (adj.), versed in or studying Abhidhamma.

abhidhā : [f.] name; appellation.

abhidhāna : [nt.] name; appellation.

abhidhāvati : [abhi + dhāv + a] runs towards; runs against; hastens.

abhidhāvi : [aor. of abhidhāvati] ran towards; hastened.

abhidheyya : [adj.] having the name of. (nt.), meaning.

abhinata : [pp. of abhinamati] bent; bowed down to.

abhinadati : [abhi + nad + a] resounds.

abhinadi : [aor. of abhinadati] resounded. || abhinadī = one who rejoices; enjoying.

abhinadita : [pp. of abhinadati] resounded. (nt.), the noise || abhinādita (pp. of abhinadati), resounded with.

abhinandati : [abhi + nand + a] rejoices at; finds pleasure in; approves of.

abhinandana : [nt.] rejoicing; delight.

abhinandi : [aor. of abhinandati] rejoiced at. || abhinandī (adj.), one who rejoices; enjoying.