Adhama to adhigata

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adhama : [adj.] mean; low; ignoble.

adhamma : [m.] 1. misconduct; 2. false doctrine.

adhammacārī : [adj.] unrighteous.

adhara : [m.] the lip. (adj.), lower. || ādhāra (m.), a container; receptacle; holder; basis; support; stand.

adhi : [prep.] up to; over; on; above.

adhika : [adj.] exceeding; superior.

adhikata : [adj.] commissioned with; caused by.

adhikatara : [adj.] much exceeding.

adhikatarussāha : [m.] utmost care.

adhikaraṇa : [nt.] law-suit.

adhikaraṇaṃ : [adv.] in consequence of; because of; for the sake of.

adhikaraṇasamatha : [m.] settling of a dispute or a lawsuit.

adhikaraṇika : [m.] a judge.

adhikaraṇī : [f.] a smith's anvil.

adhikāra : [m.] 1. management; 2. office; 3. aspiration.

adhikoṭṭana : [nt.] executioner's or butcher's block.

adhigacchati : [adhi + gam + a] attains; obtains; understands.

adhigacchi : [aor. of adhigacchati] attained; obtained; understood.

adhigacchissa : [v.] (he) would have attained.

adhigaccheyya : [v.] (he) would attain or get.

adhigaṇhāti : [adhi + gah + ṇhā] surpasses; possesses; overpowers.

adhigaṇhi : [aor. of adhigaṇhāti] surpassed; possessed; overpowered.

adhigata : [pp. of adhigacchati] attained; obtained; understood.