Adhogama to anapayini

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adhogama : [adj.] going downward.

adhobhāga : [m.] the lower part.

adhomukha : [adj.] bent over; with face cast down; turned upside down.

anagāriya : [nt.] homelessness.

anaṅgaṇa : [adj.] passionless; blameless.

anacchariya : [adj.] not wonderful; simple.

anajjhiṭṭha : [adj.] unasked for; being not invited.

anaṇa : [adj.] free of debt.

anatta : [adj.] soul-less. (m.), non-ego.

anattamana : [adj.] displeased; irritated.

anattha : [m.] 1. harm; 2. misfortune.

anadhivara : [m.] the Blessed One.

ananucchavika : [adj.] improper; not befitting; inappropriate.

ananubhodha : [m.] not understanding.

ananta : [adj.] endless; limitless; infinite.

anantara : [adj.] next; adjoining; immediately following.

anantaraṃ : [adv.] after that.

anapāyinī : [f.] which does not leave; not deserting.