Ajjhohari to anjita

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ajjhohari : [aor. of ajjhoharati] swallowed.

ajjhohāra : [m.] swallowing.

ajjhohāreti : [v.] instills.

ajjhohita : [pp.] crammed in (the mouth).

añjati : [añju + a] anoints; applies collyrium.

añjana : [nt.] collyrium (for the eyes).

añjanavaṇṇa : [adj.] of the colour of collyrium, i.e. black.

añjanāḷi : [f.] a tube for collyrium; toilet box.

añjanī : [f.] a collyrium box or a brush to apply collyrium with.

añjali : [f.] lifting of the folded hands as a token of reverence.

añjalikamma : [nt.] the act of salutation.

añjalikaraṇīya : [adj.] worthy of being honoured.

añjalipuṭa : [m.] folded fingers, in order to retain something in.

añjasa : [nt.] path; road.

añji : [aor. of añjati] anointed.

añjita : [pp. of añjeti or añjati] anointed with.