Amatandada to amamaka

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amatandada : [adj.] bringing the deathless state.

amatapada : [nt.] conveying to deathlessness.

amatamagga : [m.] path to deathlessness.

amateyyatā : [f.] disrespect towards one's mother.

amatta : [adj.] not intoxicated. (nt.), small earthen vessel.

amattaññutā : [f.] immoderation

amattaññū : [adj.] immoderate.

amattika : [nt.] earthenware; crockery.

amatteyya : [adj.] not respecting one's mother.

amatteyyatā : [f.] disrespect towards one's mother.

amanāpa : [adj.] detesful.

amanussa : [m.] 1. a demon; a ghost; 2. a deity.

amama : [adj.] unselfish; free from longing.

amara : [adj.] immortal; deathless. (m.), a deity. || amarā (f.), an eel.

amarāvikkhepa : [m.] struggle of an eel.

amala : [adj.] pure; stainless; faultless.

amātāpitika : [adj.] parentless; an orphan.

amānusa : [adj.] non-human.

amānusika : [adj.] non-human.

amāmaka : [adj.] unselfish; free from longing.