Anitthita to anukata

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aniṭṭhita : [adj.] unfinished; not completed.

anindita : [adj.] blameless; not reviled.

anindiya : [adj.] deserving no contempt.

anibbisanta : [pr.p.] not finding out.

animisa : [adj.] unwinking.

aniyata : [adj.] uncertain; not settled.

anila : [m.] wind.

anilapatha : [m.] the sky.

anilaloddhuta : [adj.] shaken by the wind.

anivattana : [nt.] non-stoppage.

anisammakārī : [adj.] not acting considerately; hasty.

anissara : [adj.] having no power or influence.

anīka : [nt.] an army.

anīkagga : [nt.] array of an army.

anīkaṭṭha : [m.] a royal body-guard.

anītika : [adj.] free from injury or harm.

anītiha : [adj.] not based on hearsay; known by oneself.

anukaṅkhī : [adj.] longing for.

anukata : [pp. of anukaroti] imitated; repeated some action.