Annava to atigalha

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aṇṇava : [m.] ocean.

ataccha : [adj.] false. (nt.), falsehood.

atandita : [adj.] not lazy; active.

atandī : [adj.] not lazy; active.

atappiya : [adj.] not satiable.

ataramāna : [pr.p. of] being unhurried.

ati : [prefix] a prefix giving the meanings: up to, over, gone beyond, excess, etc.

atikaṭuka : [adj.] very severe.

atikaḍḍhati : [ati + kaḍḍh + a] pulls too hard; troubles.

atikaḍḍhi : [aor. of atikaḍḍhati] pulled too hard; troubled.

atikara : [adj.] over-acting.

atikkanta : [pp. of atikkamati] went beyond; passed over; overcame; surpassed.

atikkama : [m.] going over; passing beyond; transgression.

atikkamati : [ati + kam + a] goes beyond; passes over; overcomes; surpasses.

atikkami : [aor. of atikkamati] went beyond; passed over; overcame; surpassed.

atikhiṇa : [adj.] blunt. || atikhīṇa (adj.), 1. much exhausted; much wasted; 2. shot from (a bow).

atikhippaṃ : [adv.] too soon.

atiga : [adj.] (=atigata, pp. of atigacchati), gone over; surmounted.

atigacchati : [ati + gam + a] overcomes; surpasses; surmounts.

atigacchi : [aor. of atigacchati] overcame; surpassed; surmounted.

atigāḷha : [adj.] intensive; very tight.