Anvesi to apagacchi

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anvesī : [adj.; m.] striving or seeking after, a seeker.

anvesesi : [aor. of anvesati] sought.

apakaḍḍhati : [pa + kaḍḍh + a] draws away; takes off.

apakaḍḍhana : [nt.] drawing away; taking off.

apakaḍḍhi : [aor. of apakaḍḍhati] draged away, took off.

apakata : [pp. of apakaroti] put off; done away. (nt.), mischief. || apākaṭa (adj.), unknown

apakari : [aor. of apakaroti] offended; put off.

apakaroti : [pa + kar + o] hurts; offends; puts off. aor. apakari.

apakassa : [abs. of apakassati] having drawn aside or removed.

apakassati : [pa + kass + a] draws aside; removes. aor. apakassi.

apakassanā : [f.] removal.

apakassi : [aor. of apakassati] drew aside; removed.

apakāra : [m.] injury; mischief.

apakkanta : [pr.p. of apakkamati] departing, going away.

apakkama : [m.] removal; departure.

apakkamati : [pa + kam + a] departs; goes away.

apakkami : [aor. of apakkamati] departed; went away.

apakkamma : [abs. of apakkamati] having departed, having gone away.

apagacchati : [apa + gam + a] goes away; turns aside.

apagacchi : [aor. of pagacchati] went away; turned aside.