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appassuta : [adj.] ignorant.

appahīna : [adj.] not removed or destroyed.

appāṭihīrakata : [adj.] worthless.

appāṇaka : [adj.] 1. breathless; 2. not containing insects.

appātaṅka : [adj.] free from illness.

appāyukatta : [nt.] short life.

appiccha : [adj.] easily satisfied; desiring little.

appicchatā : [f.] contentment.

appita : [pp. of appeti] applied.

appiya : [adj.] unpleasant; disagreeable.

appekadā : [adv.] (api + ekadā), sometimes.

appeti : [p + e] applies; fixes on.

appeva : [ind.] it is well, if.

appeva nāma : [ind.] it is well, if.

appesakka : [adj.] of little influence.

appesi : [aor. of appeti] applied; fixed on.

appoṭhenta : [pr.p. of appoṭheti] clapping hands.

apposukka : [adj.] inactive; not bothering; less anxious.

appossukka : [adj.] inactive.

apphuṭa : [adj.] unpervaded

apphoṭita : [pp. of apphoṭeti] clapped. (nt.), clapping of hands.

apphoṭeti : [ā + phuṭ + e] snaps the fingers; claps the hands.

apssita : [pp. of passeti] leaned against; depended on.