Apucchi to abhasa

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āpucchi : [aor. of apucchati] enquired after; asked permission.

āpucchitabba : [pt.p. of āpucchati] should be asked or enquired after.

āpucchiya : [abs. of āpucchati] having asked permission or leave.

āpūraṇa : [nt.] filling; to become full.

āpūrati : [ā + pūr + a] becomes full; increases.

āpūri : [aor. of āpūrati] became full; increased.

āpodhātu : [f.] the element of cohesion.

āphusati : [ā + phus + a] feels; attains to.

ābandhaka : [adj.] tying; connecting; fixing.

ābandhati : [ā + bandh + a] binds to; fastens on to.

ābandhi : [aor. of ābandhati] bound to; fastened on to.

ābādhika : [adj.] sick; affected with illness.

ābādhita : [pp. of ābādheti] afflicted; oppressed.

ābādheti : [ā + badh + e] oppresses; harasses.

ābhata : [pp.] brought; conveyed.

ābharaṇa : [nt.] ornament; decoration.

ābhassara : [adj.] radiant.

ābhā : [f.] light; lustre; radiance. || aṇha (m.), day; only in cpds. such as pubbaṇha.

ābhāti : [ā + bhā + a] shines; radiates.

ābhāsa : [m.] light; lustre; radiance.