Ara to araha

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ara : [nt.] spoke of a wheel. || āra (m.), a needle. ārā (f.), an awl. (ind.), away or far from; remote.

arakkhiya : [adj.] not to be guarded.

araja : [adj.] free from dust or impurity.

arañjara : [m.] a big jar; gallipot.

arañña : [nt.] forest. || āragga (nt.), the point of a needle or an awl.

araññaka : [adj.] belonging to or living in a forest. || āraññaka (adj.), belonging to or living in a forest.

araññagata : [adj.] gone to a forest.

araññavāsa : [m.] dwelling in a forest.

araññavihāra : [m.] forest hermitage.

araññānī : [f.] a big forest.

araññāyatana : [nt.] forest haunt.

araṇa : [adj.] peaceful; passionless.

araṇi : [f.] a piece of wood for kindling fire by friction.

araṇimathana : [nt.] rubbing of two sticks in order to kindle fire.

araṇisahita : [nt.] the upper stick for friction.

arati : [f.] non-attachment; aversion. || ārati (f.), abstinence; leaving off.

aravinda : [nt.] a lotus.

araha : [adj.] worthy of; deserving.