Arogabhava to alata

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arogabhāva : [m.] health; sicklessness.

ala : [m.; nt.] claw of a crab, etc.

alaṃ : [ind.] enough! have done with! stop! (adj.), able; suitable.

alaṃkammaniya : [adj.] fit for the purpose.

alaṃpateyyā : [f.] a woman of marriageable age. (adj.), grown enough to be married.

alaṃvacanīyā : [f.] 1. a woman who is able to understand what other say; 2. inexhortable.

alakka : [m.] a rabid dog.

alakkhika : [adj.] unlucky; unfortunate.

alakkhī : [f.] misfortune; bad luck.

alagadda : [m.] snake.

alagga : [adj.] not stuck or attached.

alaggana : [nt.] non-attached.

alaṅkata : [pp. of alaṅkaroti] decorated. (adj.), done up.

alaṅkaraṇa : [nt.] 1. decoration; 2. doing up.

alaṅkaroti : [alaṃ + kar + o] adorns; decorates.

alaṅkāra : [m.] 1. decoration; 2. an ornament.

alajjī : [adj.] shameless; not afraid of sin.

alattaka : [nt.] lac.

alattakata : [adj.] lacquered; varnished with lac.

alambara : [m.] a kind of drum.

alasa : [adj.] idle; lazy.

alasaka : [nt.] indigestion.

alasatā : [f.] sloth; laziness.

alāta : [nt.] firebrand.