Atimani to atiluddha

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atimānī : [m.] one who is proud.

atimukhara : [adj.] very talkative.

atimuttaka : [m.] name of a monk; the plant Guertnera Racemosa.

atiyācanā : [f.] begging too much.

atiyāti : [ati + yā + a] overcomes; excels.

atiyāyi : [aor. of atiyāti] overcame; exceled.

atiriccati : [ati + ric + ya] to be left over; remains.

atiricci : [aor. of atiriccati] remained.

atiritta : [pp. of atiriccati] left over; remaining.

atiriva : [ind.] excessively; very much.

atireka : [adj.] surplus; extra; exceeding.

atirekaṃ : [adv.] excessively; very much.

atirekataraṃ : [adv.] excessively; very much.

atirekatā : [f.] excessiveness

atirocati : [ati + ruc + a] outshines; surpasses in splendour.

atiroci : [aor. of atirocati] outshined; urpassed in splendour.

atiluddha : [adj.] very miserly; stringent.