Bhakkha to bhaji

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bhakkha : [adj.] fit to be eaten; eatable. (nt.), food; prey. (in cpds.), feeding on.

bhakkhaka : [m.] one who eats.

bhakkhati : [bhakkh + a] eats; feeds upon.

bhakkhana : [nt.] eating.

bhakkhi : [aor. of bhakkhati] ate; fed upon.

bhakkhita : [pp. of bhakkhati] eaten; fed upon.

bhakkheti : [bhakkh + e] see bhakkhati.

bhakhituṃ : [inf. of bhakkhati] to eat; to feed upon.

bhaga : [nt.] luck; fortune; the female organ. || bhāga (m.) a portion; part; share; faction.

bhagandalā : [f.] the fistula.

bhagavantu : [adj.] fortunate. (m.), the Buddha. || bhāgavantu (adj.) sharing in; partaking of.

bhaginī : [f.] sister.

bhagga : [pp. of bhañjati] broken; destroyed.

bhaṅga : [m.] breaking up; dissolution. (nt.), the humped cloth.

bhaṅgakkhaṇa : [m.] the moment of dissolution.

bhaṅgānupassanā : [f.] insight into disruption.

bhacca : [m.] a servant; a dependant. (adj.), to be nourished or brought up.

bhajati : [bhaj + a] associates with; keeps company.

bhajana : [nt.] association with. || bhājana (nt.) association with.

bhajamāna : [pr.p. of bhajati] associating with; keeping company.

bhaji : [aor. of bhajati] associated with; kept company.