Bhassati to bhagya

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bhassati : [bhas + ya] falls down; drops; descends.

bhassanta : [pr.p. of bhassati] falling down.

bhassamāna : [pr.p. of bhassati] falling down.

bhassara : [adj.] bright; shining; resplendent.

bhassārāmatā : [f.] attachment to useless talk.

bhassi : [aor. of bhassati] fell down; dropped.

bhassitvā : [abs. of bhassati] having fell dow.

bhā : [f.] the light; splendour.

bhākuṭika : [adj.] knitting the brows; frowning.

bhāgadheya : [nt.] fortune; fate.

bhāgadheyya : [nt.] fortune; fate.

bhāgaso : [adv.] in parts; by portions.

bhāgineyya : [m.] sister's son; nephew. || bhāgineyyā (f.) sister's daughter; niece.

bhāgiya : [adj.] (in cpds.) connected with; conducive to.

bhāgī : [adj.] sharing in; partaking of. (m.) sharer; share-holder.

bhāgīrathī : [f.] the ganges.

bhāgya : [nt.] good luck; fortune.