Bhoga to bhovadi

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bhoga : [m.] possession; wealth; enjoyment; the coil of a snake.

bhogakkhandha : [m.] a mass of wealth.

bhogamada : [m.] pride of wealth.

bhogavantu : [adj.] wealthy.

bhogahetu : [adv.] on account of wealth.

bhogāma : [m.] a tributary village.

bhogī : [m.] snake; a wealthy man. (adj.), (in cpds.), enjoying; partaking in.

bhogga : [adj.] fit to be enjoyed or possessed.

bhojaka : [m.] one who feeds; a collector of revenues.

bhojana : [nt.] food; meal.

bhojaniya : [adj.] fit to be eaten. (nt.), soft food.

bhojayamāna : [pr.p. of bhojeti] feeding.

bhojāpita : [pp. of bhojāpeti] fed or served at meal.

bhojāpeti : [bhuj + āpe] feeds or serves at meal.

bhojāpetvā : [abs. of bhojāpeti] having fed or served at meal.

bhojāpesi : [aor. of bhojāpeti] feed or served at meal.

bhojita : [pp. of bhojeti] fed.

bhojī : [adj.] feeding on.

bhojeti : [bhuj + e] feeds.

bhojetuṃ : [inf. of bhojeti] to feed.

bhojetvā : [abs. of bhojeti] having fed.

bhojenta : [pr.p. of bhojeti] feeding.

bhojesi : [aor. of bhojeti] fed.

bhojja : [nt.] an edible thing. (adj.), fit to be eaten.

bhoti : [voc. sing.] Dear Madam.

bhottabba : see bhojja.

bhottuṃ : [inf. of bhuñjati] to eat; to enjoy.

bhovādī : [m.] a Brahman.