Daleti to ditthi

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dāleti : [dāl + e] see dāreti.

dāletvā : [abs. of dāleti] see dāreti.

dālenta : [pr.p. of dāleti] see dāreti.

dālesi : [aor. of dāleti] see dāreti.

dāḷiddiya : [nt.] poverty.

dāḷima : [nt.] pomegranate.

dāvaggi : [m.] forest-fire.

dāsagaṇa : [m.] a group of slaves.

dāsatta : [nt.] slavery; the condition of a slave.

dāsavya : [nt.] slavery; the condition of a slave.

dāsitta : [nt.] status of a female slave.

dāsī : [f.] a female slave.

dikkhati : [dis + a] 1. sees; 2. becomes a monk.

dikkhita : [pp. of dikkhati] initiated; consecrated.

digambara : [m.] a naked ascetic.

diguṇa : [adj.] twofold, double.

digghikā : [f.] a ditch.

dija : [m.] 1. a brahman; a twice born; 2. a bird.

dijagaṇa : [m.] a group of brahmans or birds.

diṭṭha : [pp. of passati] seen; found; understood. (nt.), vision.

diṭṭhadhamma : [m.] this world. (adj.) one who has realised the final truth.

diṭṭhadhammika : [adj.] belonging to this world.

diṭṭhamaṅgalika : [adj.] one who believes in auspicious things seen.

diṭṭhasansadana : [nt.] to compare one's view on things seen or known.

diṭṭhānugati : [(diṭṭha + anugati) f.] imitation of what one sees.

diṭṭhi : [f.] dogma; theory; belief.