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Dhamma Wiki also known as The Dhamma Encyclopedia is an effort to make Buddhist concepts and information available to anyone.

Using the same technology Wikipedia uses, The Dhamma Encyclopedia lets anyone suggest an article.

The official encyclopedia of The Dhamma website, a Buddhist encyclopedia. All traditions are welcome, but this encyclopedia primarily focuses on the foundation teachings of early Buddhism, i.e., Theravada. Anyone may suggest an article. E-mail david(at)TheDhamma(dot)com for any ideas you have for an article and it will be reviewed and may be added. Follow the Help page for editing instructions. All articles must first be e-mailed to avoid automatic bot vandalism (which has occurred in the past). All information here is provided free of charge and there is never any advertising of any commercial for-profit organizations or companies.

To discuss any of the articles, go to the Dhamma discussion forum, sister website of The Dhamma Encyclopedia at: DhammaWheel.com.

Dhamma refers to the teachings of the Buddha and Wiki is the term for encyclopedia type websites that use a software that allows for numerous pages interlinked to each other. Wiki is a Hawaiian term for 'quick' and thus Dhamma Wiki is the perfect name for this website. Dhamma is specifically a Theravada Buddhist term whereas the Sanskrit 'Dharma' could refer to Mahayana Dharma, Jain Dharma, Sikh Dharma, etc. The combination of Dhamma and Wiki is also appropriate as it combines East and West terms and Buddhism has been flourishing throughout the world even more so since the arrival of Buddhism to the West in the last century.


  • October 1, 2008: Dr. David N. Snyder established Dhamma Wiki.
  • November 2008: Over 1,000 articles
  • January 2009: Dhamma Wheel is launched, a Theravada based online forum for discussing the Dhamma, including the discussion of Dhamma Wiki and acquires more than 100 members and 2,000 posts in the first two weeks.
  • January 2009: Over 5,000 articles
  • February 2009: Dhamma Wiki becomes the largest and most visited Theravada Buddhist encyclopedia.
  • March 2009: Dhamma Wheel, the online Theravada Buddhist forum and discussion for Dhamma Wiki reaches over 10,000 posts.
  • October 2009: First anniversary of Dhamma Wiki and there are over 300,000 page views.
  • November 2009: Dhamma Wiki goes on facebook and twitter and in the first month has over 1,000 fans / members.
  • May 2010: Over ONE MILLION page views
  • November 2010: Over 10,000 articles
  • November 2010: Dhamma Wheel, the online Theravada Buddhist forum and discussion for Dhamma Wiki reaches over 100,000 posts.
  • October 2013: Over 10 MILLION page views
  • April 2017: Over 25 MILLION page views