Hatthi to hatthimatta

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hatthi : the shortened form of hatthī (= an elephant). || hatthī (m.), an elephant.

hatthikantavīṇā : [f.] a lute enticing elephants.

hatthikalabha : the young of an elephant.

hatthikumbha : [m.] the frontal globe of an elephant.

hatthikula : [nt.] elephant species.

hatthikkhandha : [m.] the back of an elephant.

hatthigopaka : [m.] an elephant keeper.

hatthidanta : [m.; nt.] ivory.

hatthidamaka : [m.] elephant tamer.

hatthidamma : [m.] an elephant in training.

hatthināga : [m.] a noble elephant.

hatthinī : [f.] a she-elephant.

hatthipada : [nt.] an elephant's foot or step.

hatthipākāra : [m.] a wall with figures of elephants in relief.

hatthippabhinna : [adj.] a furious elephant.

hatthibandha : [m.] an elephant keeper.

hatthimatta : [adj.] as big as an elephant.