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May I suggest: The graphic of the Wheel of Dharma has been the ship's steering wheel for some decades now.

It was started as a novel artistic depiction. However the original wheel is a cart wheel. My humble opinion is that we should strive to preserve as much as possible the earliest, and therefore the ideas closest to the time of Buddha. An encyclopedia should try to be accurate and this might symbolically uphold that idea. The use of this symbol in the original way would also signal that Buddhism unlike other faiths, strives to keep close to Buddha's words. We can and should allow, as a way of showing tolerance, opinion and those things deviant from the original teachings, but we ought to start from basics

As for the name and location, I wonder why we should have a separate Wiki for Dhamma, purportedly for Buddha Dhamma while Hinduism too uses the same term (though in the Sanskrit spelling, Dharma). Wouldn't it better to have these pages at the main Wikipedia? The peripheral wikis are normally used by software developers and technology discussions.

If you do this work at the English Wikipedia, you would have many more contributors too.

Thank you. --Athula 10:49, 10 October 2008 (UTC)

Athula, Thanks for the information and suggestions. You are correct, Dharma is a generic term for truth and law and could also refer to Hindu-Dharma, Sikh-Dharma, etc. The use of the Pali term Dhamma, is unique and therefore, best suited to describe the Buddha's Dhamma. A Dhamma Wiki is needed because the regular, generic Wikipedia will not include as much specific Dhamma related material. And more importantly, the policy of some editors at Wikipedia is to not include many Buddhist teachers and their bios at that site unless they are significantly "notable." Since this is a Dhamma site, we can have a more inclusive approach and include many Buddhist teachers and their bios that would not be allowed at Wikipedia. Note that I just added a page here on Ayya Tathaaloka while over at Wikipedia there is a "notability question" tag on the article on her and it may be deleted at Wikipedia, but definitely not here. TheDhamma 20:13, 10 October 2008 (UTC)